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A Little About Me

We'll be working together during one of the most important moments of your life and I've found that the best images come when my clients feel unencumbered. Here's a little more about me and my journey so you can start to feel like you know me before we even meet.

My Story

I've always envisioned myself on the outside, looking in, an observer. Growing up painfully shy, my camera gave me a buffer from the world.


Finding a tool that created images emulating my thoughts and perspectives allowed me to express myself. No longer just an observer, I love to participate in this incredible life by helping others to document their stories.


My wish for all of us as we grow older is that we never forget the moments we have cherished the most.

Noelle Olive smiles on her wedding day. She wears a delicate white dress with a thin blue ribbon around her waist. Her hair is halfway up with a ring of small flowers around the crown of her head. She holds a bouquet of deep burgandy flowers in her lap.
A troupe of women wear bring pink and green costomes during the St. Thomas carnival. Their headresses are made up of large feathers and the woman in the front puckers her lips into a kiss with blue lipstick.

Being born and raised as a third-generation St. Thomian of French and Irish ancestry, I am the product of a unique mold. 


After earning my BFA in Photography at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY between 1998 and 2002, I followed my heart back home to St. Thomas.


I consider my camera, an extension of myself. My work, expressions of my experiences. I find the ordinary extraordinary.


Documenting the most important moments in your lives has been an honor and brought me joy beyond belief. I look forward to the opportunity to capture even more images of smiles and memories made that are sure to be treasured for years to come.

My Work and Education


Earned a diploma from a natinally recoginzed BLue Ribbon college preparatory school.


Pratt Institute in NYC
Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Photography.


Nikon School seminar

on photography



Pratt Institute Photo Lab

Campus and dormitory darkroom technician



David LaChapelle Studio NYC

Photography Studio Intern. Assisted in shoots several for Rolling Stone magazine. 


Jim Lord Photography

New Jersey. Professional studio and darkroom intern.

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