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Noelle Olive


A black and white image of a mermaid on the rocks with water splashing all around. She is looking into the camera slyly.

"When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice."


-Robert Frank

A bride and groom kiss in the wind. The brides hair is blowing back illustrating the intensity of the kiss. The man wears a red rose in his lapel.
A headshot of a bride with long wavy brown hair wears a strapless white dress. she has a white flower in her hair and she softly smiles at the camera.




I use a combination of candid and posed photography to enable ease, comfort, and reassurance that your images will be a success.

Whether indoor or outdoor, rain or shine, I am able to manipulate and utilize natural and artificial light, ensuring your ability to stay in the moment. 

Having earned my BFA in Photography in New York City, a world-renowned destination for art and culture, I am professionally trained to capture the beauty in everything and make those moments eternal. I bring this knowledge back to my home as a St. Thomas photographer to help you capture your memories. 

Rastafarian women gather in a forest. They are all wearing white skirts, white hair wraps, and white tshirts and are laughing and speaking with one another.



Years of working with renowned professional photographers and publications between New York City, Colorado, and the Virgin Islands have enabled me to thrive in any type of work environment. I consider my camera to be an extension of myself and my experiences. 

A close up of a woman with long red hear wears a beige and black striped woven hat. She is looking to the side and laughing. The hat has yellow and white flowers.

I see beauty in all forms of life and live to immortalize your memories. I value and celebrate diversity by leading with the idea that what makes us different, makes us unique. 

A close up image of the hands of a newly married couple. One hand is black with a white gold ring. The other hand is white with a yellow gold band.


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